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KRONE Technology GmbH is a manufacturer of multispectral camouflage systems. The focal point of the production lies in a variable camouflage net support system.

NATO allies around the world put their trust in KRONE Technology products

Krone Technology GmbH

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D-58285 Gevelsberg

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Passive protection

  • Multispectral-supported weapons and reconnaissance systems - as in near and far infra-red, radar and radiometry systems, are a threat for man and materials.
  • Here KRONE Technology offers an adaptable camouflaging system for special deployment scenarios and specific climatic zones.


  • With its components the KRONE camouflage net support system offers multispectral camouflaging solutions rich in variants for from the camouflaging of a command post, the assembling of a camouflage garage to the camouflaging of vehicles.